Things that make art great

Art makes you SATISFIED

There are enough artist biographies with which one (and woman) doesn’t want to exchange: van Gogh went mad, Caravaggio was pursued half his life as a criminal, Rembrandt died impoverished. Women had no cuts in art for a long time anyway and often had to fight hard (but unsuccessfully) for recognition and respect for their work. In comparison, one’s own problems seem much less essential.

ART makes SEXY

It proves that beauty never had fixed criteria. So we come to the satisfying conclusion: “I don’t fit into today’s ideal of beauty, but so many centuries ago I would have been an absolute blast.” It makes you feel much better.

ART Makes Crazy

Seriously. The phenomenon known as Stendhal Syndrome is named after the French writer whom it caught during his visit to Florence in 1817 and was subsequently described by other intellectuals and travellers. The concentration of outstanding art and architecture in the city seems to flood the senses of those affected to such an extent that they develop tachycardia, fainting, hallucinations, panic attacks and more. If you’re planning a trip to Florence, it’s better to take a look at the next Gelateria every now and then.

Art makes beautiful

She can enchant us. This is then reflected on our face. So simply geht´s. So if money and time are not enough for the spa: off to the museum!

Art makes WACH

For example, when the alarm beeps because you have come too close to the work, immersed in the audio guide. (Video) installations are not infrequently loud and/or invite you to become active in some way. Sometimes works of art frighten or surprise us and get us out of the rut with which we trot through an exhibition.

Art makes you sharp

At least our gaze. But also because of their erotic representations (see also point 3). There you can still learn a lot! Quietly practice a few poses on the sofa and/or in front of the mirror!

Art makes AGGRO

It can happen. Works of art in public spaces are regularly sprayed, knocked over and destroyed. Also the list of attacks on paintings with acid, knives, paint is long. Interestingly, in the second case the perpetrators do not even take action against particularly provocative works. Often, however, they refer to famous works such as the Mona Lisa, paintings by Dürer, or the like. Probably because it attracts more attention. A little consolation: You decide for painted persons instead of living ones.

Art makes slim

Brain and walking apparatus are equally challenged when visiting the exhibition. That consumes twice the calories!

ART makes NIX

“She just wants to play.” It’s not quite like that, of course. Contrary to long-drawn-out ideas, no artist draws on an eternal source of inspiration, which simply flows out of him onto the canvas, into the marble, the writing paper, music paper or anywhere else. And very few creative people will find their vocation as a fun pastime. The work of art itself is also just a lifeless thing made of different materials, ink on paper etc.. As long as nobody is there to look at it, read it, listen to it, it doesn’t really matter. It only becomes existent when we pay attention to it.

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