How To Take Great Pictures Of The Ocean

In the first part of our photo tip series we have given you some tips on how to design your photos. Now we want to follow up and give you more relaxing motive ideas on your way.

Summer, sun, beach and sea. Finally it is so far. You have arrived at the holiday resort and explore the beach. The roaring waves and the clear sky create a holiday atmosphere. The beach offers not only perfect opportunities for a relaxing sunbath, but also perfect holiday motifs such as surfers or colorful beach chairs are waiting to be photographed. Let yourself be inspired by our photo tip, “Taking pictures by the sea”, and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Work out details as eye-catchers

Be creative. Do you see shells or stones on the beach? Great, because artificial lines can be created with it. Make a small path of shells or stones that leads into the sea. Now – if possible near the ground – take a good position and pull the trigger. The viewer of the photo will automatically look at the wide sea. Of course it doesn’t have to be the sea. Use escape lines skilfully. For example as a bridge to a distant island. Observe the surroundings closely and discover exciting details. Floating debris, coloured stones or seagulls are ideal eye-catchers.

Photographing the Great Wave

Metre-high waves, a fascinating natural spectacle. Who doesn’t know them, the pictures of surfers daring to face the big wave. Of course you want to capture this fantastic moment. You set your camera to a shutter speed of 1/500s or 1/1000s. This freezes the movement of the wave.

Soft, flowing movements are obtained with an exposure time of 1/60s or 1/30s. In the photo tip “Photograph motion” you can read again how to set the shutter speeds.


Pictures of people on the beach

Have you ever photographed your loved ones on the beach and wondered why they are too dark? This is because the bright sunlight creates strong contrasts. Turn on the flash, the faces will be brightened and the problem is solved. Almost, because sometimes the bright sun causes blinking faces.

So make sure that your loved ones are not in the sunlight too much. Let’s be honest: sparkling eyes and a radiant smile make every photo a pleasure.

The Sandburg – a classic among the beach motifs – is not only fun to build, but can also be interesting to set in scene. Change the perspective, for example. Lie down on the ground and take a picture diagonally upwards. This makes the Sandburg look gigantic. If your child is still sitting behind the sandcastle with a shovel, you have taken a fascinating picture.

Set colour accents

Beach motifs often have a small colour spectrum. A yellow-golden beach meets an azure blue sea and in the background the cloudless blue sky can be seen. But your pictures will look even more beautiful if you set colour accents. You can use different objects like colorful balls, beach chairs or parasols. Take a few pictures without and a few with an extra dash of color. The difference will inspire you. Visit an maritime art museum to get an idea.

The Equipment

Cameras are very sensitive to water. So make sure that your trip to the beach doesn’t become a disaster and you have to find out frightening that your camera is defective. But not only the water is a danger for your camera. The sand can leave unattractive marks on the camera lens. So store the camera safely in your pocket and don’t change lenses, SD cards or batteries directly on the beach.

Tip: Outdoor or underwater cameras are the perfect travel companion for every beach trip. The cameras are more robust and they also make great underwater shots possible. Disposable underwater cameras are already available for a small budget. Unfortunately, you will have to sacrifice image quality and number of images. In addition, disposable cameras offer only limited possibilities for image control.

Some cameras can be retrofitted with rigid housings. If you choose such a special housing, you should make sure that the housing is actually waterproof before going into the water. Outdoor cameras are more recommended here. They are waterproof and shockproof and will serve you as a first-class all-round camera later on – perhaps even on your next skiing holiday.

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