Colour red – love, passion, energy

The colour red is extroverted, stimulating and warm, its element is fire. Love, passion and energy describe the qualities of this vital colour. Red blood flows through our veins – a truly mysterious elixir of life.

Meaning of the color red

The effect of the colour red is energetic, active and optimistic. As the colour of love and life, red symbolizes enthusiasm, joie de vivre and warmth. But also anger and hatred through an abundance associates the colors with meaning. Seductive, intense or gentle: the colour red offers an immense spectrum of nuances. Use the enormous energy.

What is the meaning of the colour red?

The multifaceted colour red unites the strongest contrasts: Blood red like the juice of life and the heart, devastating fire and the embers of hell. In the meaning of the colour red the equivalent is eroticism, passion and love, but on the other hand also blood in flush and destructive feelings. When we lose control, we see red and boil with rage.

Red was the first color named by mankind. The strong nuances of blood red or pomegranate are associated with attractiveness and beauty. The psychological effect of the color red reveals conciseness, visual proximity and warning, but also destruction and danger.

In China the colour red means happiness and blessing, in ancient religions the energy-rich colour was combined with hostility. This is how the association with the god of war Mars and the red planet of the same name arose, both of which were regarded as threatening and militant. The significance of the colour red also referred to masculinity, which is why boys were once reserved for the pink hue.

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The mental system mobilizes the blood supply and can make the complexion pale or blush. In the spiritual colors meaning is red the color of the powerful will, the spark igniting courage and vitality. Further connections with the color red are:

What effect does red have on body and mind?

In the Middle Ages, the colour red had a very positive connotation. In art, the Mother of God was depicted with red hair, and angelic beings wore red robes. Later the good meaning of the color red changed. So the Teutons believed that lightnings shot from the sky as soon as the thunder commanding god Donar blew into his blood-red shining beard.

  • Love, passion, warmth and vitality from carmine to wine red face the negative forces of war, bloodshed and belligerence. But this does not detract from the healing effect of the colour red.
  • If you want to find out more about the great spiritual world of colours, we offer you many more sources to dive deeper into this topic: Colour symbolism, aura personality colours and aura colours.
  • According to the importance of health colours, red has a stimulating effect on the adrenal glands and stimulates the heart and circulation. It provides strength and supports the formation of red blood cells.
  • In colour psychology the colour red embodies sensuality, liveliness and motivation. Vitalizing red tones increase the adrenaline output, even a slight impulse can ignite these effects.

As an aura colour, the significance of the colour red lies in grounding, well-being and happiness, and the powerful colour of the mood can also indicate quarrelsomeness and anger. Lovers of signal red, poppy red or Bordeaux are regarded as strong-willed, sensual and lively. The beneficial effect of the colour red on the body-soul-spirit level is:

Which signs of the zodiac does the color red harmonize with?

Red blood, emotion, eroticism, love, self-knowledge – all this symbolizes the color red. If you reject the red colour facets, this can be a sign of a lack of joie de vivre. The meaning of the colour red and its symbolism is about valuable messages. The colour of life is a warning signal in the event of danger and politically stands for socialism, communism and revolution. Together with black it is regarded as a representative of the devil and symbolizes the blood of Christ in Christian churches. In fashion, the effect of the colour red shows its dominance in refinement, style and elegance.

Also the red colour spectrum has its large employment with the signs of the zodiac. The freedom-loving Aquarius likes to present his adventurous character with striking nuances such as purple, orange and light red. Are you an impulsive ram? Then it can be a little more fire red and pink.

The reserved bull can use the colour red wonderfully as an accent, for example with a crimson scarf. Lion people also love colourful variety in their outfits – from canary yellow to scarlet red.

What does the colour red mean?

Blood red, raspberry red, purple red – the representative colour red generates intense feelings in its exciting facets, it awakens thoughts of lambent flames and blazing fire. In some religions of monotheism, the colour of blood, love and life even embodies the creation of mankind. The effect of the colour red is energetic, stimulating and capricious. Would you like to know how the properties of red tones affect your psyche or situation? A holistic-spiritual colour consultation provides information about the typical energies of the colour red and the emotions it triggers in you. In the spiritual meaning of colours, red influences all human senses on the subtle level. There are numerous ways in which rose red, burgundy red or ruby red can enrich your life. Find out what the holistic effect of red can do for you personally.

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