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Between aesthetics and science

The Giersch Museum sometimes seems far off the beaten track, for it is forgotten time and again in the shadow of the large Frankfurt galleries. This makes it all the more important to counteract this circumstance – because the exhibition Frobenius – Die Kunst des Forschens (Frobenius – The Art of Research) currently presents a […]

A fairy tale of the emperor and the devil’s pact

Those who wanted to go from “Hibbdebach” to “Dribbdebach” in medieval Frankfurt, i.e. from Sachsenhausen to the city centre, had to rely on the Old Bridge – because there was no other way to cross the Main until 1868. The connection of the banks of the Main had already been an important crossroads between North […]

A total work of art

Wellness and brutalism – an unusual combination: the former stands for well-being, while the latter triggers the opposite for many people, and yet the K√∂nigstein spa can best be described as such. Although its bead shapes, material and protruding terraces are typical stylistic elements of architectural brutality, one thing is unusual: the bright orange-blue complementary […]

The Artist Berthe Morisot

In the history of art there are only a few known female artists, few who were as well known as their male colleagues. Some of today’s popular female painters, who are shown in museums, were lovers, life partners of famous artistic contemporaries, such as Paula Modersohn-Becker or Frida Kahlo, and were only perceived as such […]

Edgar Degas – Beauty, Lightness and Grace

Grace and grace. Elegance and harmony. Yet also lightness. Edgar Degas knew how to combine and immortalize this in his works, be it on canvas with oil or on paper with pastel colors. The French artist had a preference for the motif of the dancer. The ballet and its protagonists, in motion or waiting, were […]

I tre Grandi

Ingeniously wrong I just have to say something about Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, which we watched last time. You may have noticed that it was in pretty bad shape on the picture used. This sad condition is at the same time the restored one. Perhaps you are a little comforted that the picture began […]

What is art actually?

We’d rather leave the answer to the art theorists, because it’s inexhaustible, and we’d rather get down to business soon. The Duden says that art is a “creative creation out of the most diverse materials or with the means of language, sounds in confrontation with nature and the world”. That is short and beautifully formulated […]

Things that make art great

Art makes you SATISFIED There are enough artist biographies with which one (and woman) doesn’t want to exchange: van Gogh went mad, Caravaggio was pursued half his life as a criminal, Rembrandt died impoverished. Women had no cuts in art for a long time anyway and often had to fight hard (but unsuccessfully) for recognition […]

Working in a museum is nice – Exhausting, but beautiful

Working on a museum is nice. Exhausting, but beautiful. You work in a team on the realization of an exhibition, each one is an important part of a larger process, in which ideally all tasks interlock fluently. On the home straight to the opening, all forces are once again bundled. You then experience the vernissage […]