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Create a panorama photo: Instructions and tips

Whether in the mountains, on the beach or in the city – panorama photos capture a broad motive with all details. The right shooting technique and special software ensure impressive results.

Tips and tricks for mountain photography

Capture mountain experiences in really good pictures. Here are a few tips and tricks from the professional. Photographer Bernd Ritschel has been one of the most renowned alpine photographers for years. In addition to advertising photos, illustrated books and tour photos, Ritschel also passes on his specialist knowledge in courses.

How To Take Great Pictures Of The Ocean

In the first part of our photo tip series we have given you some tips on how to design your photos. Now we want to follow up and give you more relaxing motive ideas on your way.

Gustav Klimt – His Life

Gustav Klimt was born in 1862 in the Viennese suburb of Baumgarten, into a large family. His father was a goldsmith and his two brothers devoted themselves to artistic professions.

Photographing flowers and blossoms at home

You can photograph flowers and blossoms at home with modest equipment. But with a macro lens you can get very close. I’ll show you how you can set flowers and blossoms in scene at home – in cold or bad weather.

Titian is not a painter, but a miracle!

This quotation by Sperone Speroni from the “Dialogo d’Amore” (1542) impressively describes the outstanding position of the painter Titian. The esteem that emerges from these words is reflected in the exhibition Titian and the Renaissance in Venice, which can be seen at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt from 13 February to 26 May 2019.

A chronicler with a felt pen

Under the title Breakdowns, Catastrophes and Apocalypses, the Museum Frankfurt is presenting works from the estate of Kurt Wölbing (1910-1990) from Frankfurt until 30 September.

No way out of the labyrinth Modernity

Walking through the exhibition Victor Vasarely – In the Labyrinth of Modernism in Frankfurt’s Städel Museum, one hears again recently a taste judgement that many had probably believed to be outdated when it came to judging modern art works. Vega Pal, Reytey, Cheyt-Pyr, completely abstract and captivatingly polychrome, the verdict: beautiful. Vasarely’s large-format oil and […]

Between aesthetics and science

The Giersch Museum sometimes seems far off the beaten track, for it is forgotten time and again in the shadow of the large Frankfurt galleries. This makes it all the more important to counteract this circumstance – because the exhibition Frobenius – Die Kunst des Forschens (Frobenius – The Art of Research) currently presents a […]

A fairy tale of the emperor and the devil’s pact

Those who wanted to go from “Hibbdebach” to “Dribbdebach” in medieval Frankfurt, i.e. from Sachsenhausen to the city centre, had to rely on the Old Bridge – because there was no other way to cross the Main until 1868. The connection of the banks of the Main had already been an important crossroads between North […]